Standard Mine District Mine Safety Closures

The Standard Mine District was comprised of 36 high-risk areas that were evaluated for closure. The sites included horizontal adits and vertical shafts and stopes. Desert Tortoise, owls, and bats were present at some of the locations, and closure schedules were adjusted to accommodate and avoid disturbances to these species.

Burleson completed the Project Design and Management Plan for NPS review. The plan provided conceptual drawings of the proposed closures at each of the unique sites and identified any outstanding issues—such as biological or safety hazards—that would impede the timeliness of the project.

Safety was a primary concern for the public visitors and the construction crews on site for this project. Burleson’s onsite personnel completed MSHA mine safety training. Burleson’s certified industrial hygienist prepared the Accident Prevention Plan (APP) and reviewed the Activity Hazard Analysis forms.

The Project Design and Management Plan identified safety and engineering risks associated with the designs. Burleson’s biologist reviewed the bat survey information that was used for determining the best approach for closure. Burleson’s construction manager worked closely with NPS staff to listen to their concerns and ideas for closure. The NPS was concerned with visual impacts and wanted to allow future access for NPS personnel.

Burleson met NPS needs by providing low-profile safety grates for nonsensitive areas and bat gate for areas where bats were present, followed the BCI Bat and Mines guidance for construction specifications, and used a locked removable bar to allow biologists or NPS personnel access to these sites once they had been gated. These locks provide the highest level of security with the lowest frequency of defect.

The NPS was pleased with Burleson’s work and approach. They were particularly happy with the conceptual renderings that allowed for discussion and changes prior to starting work.

Client Satisfaction

"Burleson Consulting was excellent to work with and very professional. They assembled a top-notch team of experts to study and propose solutions to the water supply challenges at Sutter National Wildlife Refuge. The communication was excellent throughout the project. This included project staff, contracting personnel, and interested stakeholders. As a result, the project was completed on time and on budget. I would not hesitate to use or recommend Burleson Consulting in the future."Kevin Clancy, Project Manager – United States Bureau of Reclamation

"Burleson provided exceptional services under this contract. Because of their successful work, they were awarded a $7M follow-on IDIQ contract in 2014, that also encompasses biological monitoring at former Fort Ord. They have consistently improved their plant material collection and propagation techniques and pass the savings onto the federal government. Burleson is a valuable team member on Fort Ord and I feel that they are true stewards of the environment." William K. Collins, BRAC Environmental Coordinator, US Army Corps of Engineers

"Burleson has been able to work with several government agencies (to include tribal groups and natural resource trustees) and several responsible parties to assist in progressing this site to a stage where technical and agency concerns can be identified and resolved. Strengths – overall and in depth understanding of mine site and CERCLA dynamics. Deficiencies – none. I would not hesitate to use Burleson." Daniel McMindes, USACE Liaison to EPA, US Army Corps of Engineers

"Burleson helped to manage the Sacramento Area Voltage Support Environmental Impact Statement. They came through and were always available during an ‘energy crisis’ in California. I will continue to work with them."Loreen McMahon, Project Manager - California Public Utilities Commission

"We appreciated Burleson’s great work, re: completing the draft EIR on the scheduled date (it was a tremendous task, but they completed it). All of them put a lot of work into it (it was a true team effort). They should all be proud of this accomplishment given the changes and obstacles encountered along the way, and I cannot thank them enough."Glenn M. Shuder, AIA, CFM, Chief Architect - Project Director, SMUD

"We chose Burleson Consulting because of their experience with the specific project matter in technical and regulatory issues and for their record of excellent communication skills in complex, multiparty projects. They were responsive to the matter and were sensitive to all relationships between the parties involved."Kevin Mayer, PE, Project Manager - USEPA